Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility

The Water-Bearer in Relationships

Both of you are independent, active individuals who appreciate progressive, dynamic approaches to any situation or problem, and your relationship has a lively, spirited quality. You both can be iconoclasts as well, taking pride in your freedom from many traditional values and beliefs. Compatibility Rating: See color codes below. This inclines the two of you to often differ on political and social issues as well as have different tastes in art, music, and literature.

This difference in your approach to life is not likely to create serious problems, but it does tend to be annoying at times.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

Although you are different people, you might find that your basic goals and outlook in life are compatible. You have an excellent intellectual rapport. Intellectual companionship is important to both of you, and in this relationship you have found a partner whose conversation and company you enjoy. You have the potential to be very good friends, not just lovers. Shared viewpoints, common interests, and social activities are key elements in your relationship.

Any relationship will have its challenges, but the two of you share a pleasing overall rapport that can help smooth over other differences. CANCER, for example, becomes very emotionally attached to familiar surroundings and is inclined to live in one place for a long time.

CANCER is also more concerned with having financial and material security and is more inclined to worry if circumstances are not stable and secure. There are significant differences between you though. This characteristic is also reflected in your relationship! Although you approach problems and ideas from different perspectives, you have a good mental rapport.

VIRGO focuses on specific details, and prefers to specialize in a certain area, while AQUARIUS takes a wider, more global view and looks for interrelationships in a large system, without as much focus on any particular area of specialization.

Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

You make a good team in social or intellectual pursuits. Your relationship may be a bit cool or formal, however, and hopefully there are other astrological factors as described elsewhere in this report to provide warmth, affection, and romantic or sexual attraction. Both of you are very social, active people. You are involved in community groups, and your line of work probably brings you into contact with lots of people.

Aquarius Love Compatibility: Aquarius Sign Compatibility Guide!

You harmonize well with each other and are great friends. This difference in orientation is fairly subtle, however, and may not be a source of difficulty or conflict. You both tend to live in your minds, and enjoy a partner who is awake and alive mentally — an intellectual peer. As parents, this Aquarius duo inspire and energise their children and teach them to be open minded, tolerant and welcoming of all kinds of people.

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One of the most wonderful things about Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility is the power this partnership has to do good wherever in the world there is narrow mindedness or injustice. What else would we expect from two Visionaries, after all? Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship?

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score! Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. Aquarius, especially, is not the clingy sort and needs plenty of time out with friends. And let me tell you, his couple has quite the circle of friends, too! Aquarius is the sun sign of friends and, boy, do they have a lot of them. And this is fine by another Aquarius lover, who loves the knowledgeable friends.

Aquarius Love Chart

Speaking of interesting and innovative, the Aquarius Aquarius sexually are definitely interesting and innovative in the bedroom! Their innovation can border on deviant, occasionally. You may find this couple handcuffed to the bed in one moment and reciting poetry to each other in the next.

There is no limit to what this couple will try. For these two, what stimulates the mind also stimulates the body!! What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

Liberated Love

So Aquarius, if you want to find someone who is scintillated by the Pythagorean theorem, likes to cavort with interesting people, who will support your charitable cause, and will give you support and space, choose another Aquarius! This can be problematic for the Aquarius man Aquarius woman in love. You see, someone has to remember to pay the bills and take care of buying groceries. But in an Aquarius Aquarius marriage , both of you are busy with your creative ideas rather than taking care of your family.

This works our fine until the electricity and water get turned off and someone has to eat.

This lack of attention to banalities may also impinge on their most precious resource, friendship. However, once someone becomes a fixture in their lives, they become infinitely less interesting—this also may apply to each other in this Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility! Test Now! Unless both Aquarians are mindful, this unintentional disregard for others can land this couple an unpopular reputation for flakiness.

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And an Aquarius Aquarius couple without friends around them is an unhappy, strained couple. This tendency of the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman to chase after the most popular person in their midst can lead to problems with cheating.

aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility
aquarius aquarius sign compatibility Aquarius aquarius sign compatibility

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