Mercury sign compatibility astrology

Mercury in ARIES

Zodiac signs Mercury rules: Gemini and Virgo Exalted in: Virgo House Mercury rules: 3rd House of Communication, and 6th House of Details and Daily Routines Mercury retrogrades: times every year, each retrograde lasting around three weeks Mercury stays in each zodiac sign for: weeks Mercury makes a complete trip through the zodiac: About every year. Mercury, known as the winged messenger in Roman mythology, rules over both Gemini and Virgo. Both signs are known for the ways they absorb and share information. Then when it comes to Virgo, Mercury influences the intelligent and intuitive mind, and allows Virgo to carefully choose which pieces of information are most important.

Mercury in Pisces

These houses are all about processes, and represent the style and wellness in which you communicate and approach your daily habits. Both houses have a strong effect on your personal growth within your environment.

The gifts of Mercury are objectivity, intellect, and adaptability, which is where we can learn a great deal about this planet. We can start by becoming better observers of ourselves. Judgment of any kind, positive or negative, gets in the way of this clarity. Taking one breath before falling into self-blame is an excellent way to break the emotional habits that clutter the mind. The messenger planet is more interested in questions than answers. It opens the mind to a variety of perspectives that allow us to be more tolerant and more creative.

Mercury Retrograde

Being flexible in your body is another way to invite the intelligence of Mercury into your life. Taking an objective and even dispassionate approach is likely to help, along with focusing on people and finding a sense of empathy. Your Mercury in Libra horoscope is likely to be a comfortable cosmic placement for you, Gemini, as Libra is also an air sign, focused on the mind and on mental energy. Communication is likely to be flowing well during this time and you can enjoy good open-minded conversation and meeting with like minds. Your thoughts may be reflected back at you from others even more than usual, helping you to understand both yourself and the world around you more deeply.

You may find that you mind is calmer and less scattered than usual. Planet Mercury's transit through Libra may bring some communication clashes for you, Cancer. If what other people are saying is putting you on the defensive, take a step back and try a more objective approach. Your natural tendency to be subjective and feelings-oriented is at odds with Libra's love of objectivity so aim for a balance between the two.

Talking or writing about your feelings, as well as listening to others with empathy, will help you to get a sense of perspective and clarity.

The Mercury Sign In Astrology Rules Our Communication Style, But There's More! [Lamarr Townsend]

Mercury in Libra brings an appreciation of the creativity of others as well as a need to clarify your own self-expression, Leo. This people focused placement brings out your natural warm heartedness and can help you to support and encourage those around you. You are more able to see beyond your own concerns and may find yourself seeking peace rather than drama.

This calm energy is good for steady creative work and you may be able to appreciate the beauty of abstract ideas and theories more than usual. Mercury in Libra is likely to be feel fairly comfortable for you, Virgo, enabling you to appreciate and express the beauties of the everyday. You may find that you can focus more energy on thinking ahead, planning and strategy than usual and working on these with others is likely to be rewarding.

This placement brings a sense of empathy and gentleness to your interactions. If you tend to be critical at times, you may find that you are less hard on yourself and on others more than usual.

Views of Grandeur

With Mercury in your own sign, Libra, communication is likely to be flowing well and self-expression comes naturally. This is a good time for working on a business plan or starting a course of study, especially if you need to negotiate and share ideas with others. Your diplomacy skills are high, and you may be in demand as an expert mediator. You are able to get on with all kinds of people at this time, even more than usual and will be enjoying plenty of good conversations.

As planet Mercury transits through Libra, you may feel surrounded by the superficial, becoming even more aware than usual of the difference between what people say and what they really mean or are really feeling. The energies of Mercury in Libra can calm the intensity of your feelings, Scorpio, helping you to take an objective view focused on empathy for others and also for yourself.

Talking or writing about your deepest self is well aspected during this time and your experience may prove meaningful to others too.

With the astrological energy of Mercury in Libra, the people around you are likely to be expanding your horizons, Sagittarius. They might be teaching you something new or learning from you, or you may even be traveling together. Either way, it's the people rather than the ideas which are most important at this time, and the interaction between you will help you to learn about yourself as well as about the world around you.

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Whatever you are doing, focusing on expressing your highest truth is a good approach under this transit. From your hard working, practical perspective, Capricorn, Mercury in Libra may seem like an idealist sitting in an ivory tower, disconnected from the realities of the world.

Mercury Sign – Mercury Sign Meaning – Vedic Astrology

Any communication issues you have during this transit are likely to have this perception at their root. You may feel frustrated by people around you who know all the theory but don't seem capable of getting the job done. However, Mercury in Libra also brings powerful strategic thinking and an ability to be objective which you may find helpful.

Your love of justice and strong urge to follow your ideals, Aquarius, are highlighted under the planetary energy of Mercury in Libra. You share a love of the abstract and are likely to be celebrating ideas and theories for their own sake. Like you, Mercury in Libra is happy in an ivory tower, indulging their curiosity and following where it leads.

Don't lose sight of the important of people and making genuine connections during this time. After all you can learn just as much from people as from books, if not more! You may not feel strongly connected to Mercury in Libra, Pisces, seeing it as abstract and detached, the intellectual, objective counterpoint to your emotional, subjective approach to life.

mercury sign compatibility astrology Mercury sign compatibility astrology
mercury sign compatibility astrology Mercury sign compatibility astrology
mercury sign compatibility astrology Mercury sign compatibility astrology
mercury sign compatibility astrology Mercury sign compatibility astrology
mercury sign compatibility astrology Mercury sign compatibility astrology

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