Venus march 6 astrology

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Mars in Scorpio is acting as a backup energy or support system for the planets gathered under the spotlight in Sagittarius, just as Venus in Capricorn is creating a supportive energy on the other side. The pressure cooker environment caused by the combination of planets therein at the moment is being managed by Mars on one side and Venus on the other; both are well placed and could be the saving grace for the current times. Even after the critical moment passes, Mars will be remaining in his own sign of Scorpio through the first week of February. This may be an indication of a period of focused effort, reorganization or accounting of resources while bravely facing problems that require us to dig deep and stand strong.

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Depending upon your whereabouts this annular solar eclipse will either occur on December 25 or 26 and it will either be visible or not. In US Mountain time zone, the eclipse happens at around pm, which means that we couldn't see the eclipse of the Sun as it is below the horizon. The path of eclipse visibility runs through Saudi Arabia, South India and Indonesia, but eclipses tend to make a mark even on regions that may not be witnessing the eclipse.

In this case we are having a solar eclipse, which happens during a new Moon, when the Moon passes in front of the Sun from the Earth's perspective, temporarily obscuring the sunlight. These three planets make up the group of the light-giving, positive, sattwic planets. They are also sitting in the nakshatra Mula, lorded by the planet Ketu and the goddess of destruction, Nirriti. And they are surrounded! Ketu's energy is known to block or obstruct materially but to liberate spiritually, so depending upon one's desires, this could be favorable or utterly frustrating. In the early degrees of Sagittarius is energetic Mercury, our source of exchanges, communication, learning, markets, somewhat outside the orb of the eclipse shadow but close enough to be included in the equation.

In the late degrees of Sagittarius sits Saturn, causing pressure and urging detachment, preparing to shift signs. The idea behind eclipses is that a shadow descends upon that which we count on to light our way.

Astrology of March - Uranus Enters Taurus -

This obstruction forces us inward, to draw upon our inner resources to calm and guide us through darkness and difficulty. It will be profound to witness the temporary loss of the comfort and warmth of the Sun's light, the Moon's compassion and Jupiter's guidance. This shocking experience when channelled toward an expanded understanding helps us to gain perspective about how to manage our minds and spirits as they move through the material world. For when the light returns and the shadow recedes, we have a newfound understanding of our purpose due to the struggle of maintaining perspective when the lights go away.

This eclipse seems to mark a turning point for many as we surrender to circumstances, root down into our anchor points and fully let go of that which is actually begging to become free. The chart below shows the planets configured in the sky at the moment of eclipse.

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Rahu is in the upper right corner Gemini with the grouping of six planets in Sagittarius in the lower left corner. The signs on either side of Sagittarius are holding Venus and Mars. The arrow is drawn back in the bow.

Astrology of March 12222 – Uranus Enters Taurus

The eclipse is that moment where all stops as we focus on our targets. When the shadows clear, the time to let fly will come. Where are you pointing your arrow? As ponderous Saturn prepares to change signs in January, we may want to reflect back on the previous transit of Saturn through Capricorn to understand how Saturn will affect our personal horoscopes. There will be other factors that also affect how this plays out for us, such as the transits of the other slow moving planets like Jupiter and the nodal axis, Rahu north node of the Moon and Ketu south node of the Moon.

Prior to that, there was a short, three-month preview when Saturn entered Capricorn March 20, and retreated back to Sagittarius on June 21, Just as the upcoming transit may imply, with Saturn transiting his own sign of Capricorn, there is a general benefit in having a content, well-placed Saturn that will aid us in laying foundations, building slowly and carefully and leaving behind the trappings that do not serve our goals. In , Jupiter will also be in occupation of his own sign, Sagittarius and by September , we will also see Ketu in Scorpio, a sign that he considers home.

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These factors combined make for a positive outlook for , with the realization that new forms emerge from the ashes of the defunct. One exercise you can do is to review the historical events of and , which may spark memories of personal experiences that occurred during that time. Wikipedia Wikipedia When Shani moved into Capricorn in , Rahu was also placed there, with Ketu placed in Cancer, the sign opposite to Capricorn. Combinations of Rahu and Saturn can tend to break things apart and destabilize in general; with this happening in Saturn's own sign of Capricorn, we may have seen a controlled and slow process, such as the ending of the cold war and the breaking apart of the Soviet Union during this time.

This pattern held between December — April and could have been the most dynamic part of the Saturn transit through Capricorn at the beginning of the s. From April — November , while Saturn plodded through Capricorn, the nodal axis moved so that Rahu was placed in Sagittarius and Ketu was placed in Gemini; this was perhaps a less stable addition to Saturn in Capricorn. Bill Clinton was elected president in November , during a year when Bosnia went to a devastating war over independence and hurricanes mowed over both Kauai and Florida. From November — May , the nodal axis again shifted, moving in reverse zodiacal order naturally, with Rahu in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus.

This would have colored the last six months of Saturn in Capricorn, from November — March and would have perhaps been a relatively more stable period, although it could be argued that Rahu placed in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus are not in the best disposition.

Bringing in the Jupiter factor, which balances out the contraction of Saturn with his expansive nature, adds more to the story. When Saturn entered Capricorn, joining Rahu in December of , Jupiter was also in occupation of Cancer, the opposite sign, in exaltation and joining Ketu, the south node of the Moon.

The dispositor ruler of the sign placement for his Moon is his Mars in Gemini, a sign of communications. My best guess is he goes into sports broadcasting and possibly as soon as next spring.

Time for new work. At this time of year, the Sun moves through Virgo. Hence the Harvest Moon. This year, it coincides with Friday, the 13th. OK, to be technical, in the Eastern time zone, the exact full moon is after midnight AM on the 14th. Close enough.

The astrological significance of Friday the Thirteenth stems from Friday being the day in honor of Venus and Thirteen being a number associated with Venus. Mercury is in Libra until October 3, Venus until the 8th. Its third and final flare-up is Sept. This has magnified confusion and put a spotlight on trust issues. Neptune is moving through the sign it rules, too: Pisces, together highlighting compassion or the lack thereof.

Sometimes there are news stories where these themes converge. An example would be hurricane victims related to Neptune, ruler of the downtrodden trying to cross an international border Jupiter for their very survival Mars.

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The Pisces Moon inclines us to rely on instincts and impressions, while the Virgo Sun gives a preference for critical analysis and facts. Uranus is also related to technological matters, which might either pose a risk or be a saving grace. This pattern may show you your unique way Uranus to do your spiritual Pisces work Virgo. Scorpio is a good sign for letting go, turning the page and moving on. This connection usually brings some unexpected doozies so keep your seatbelts fastened. Electrical problems or storms with associated power outages are a strong possibility; have those extra batteries ready.

Friction in international relations is another likely manifestation. After this fanfare fireworks finale, smoother planetary interactions come into play. It was there earlier this year in late February to early March and late June through the middle of July. Three visits from a moving planet happens because of the zigzag movement due to retrogradation, an optical illusion when a faster planet lines up with a slower one. This can be attributed to Neptune, the planet of fog and non-reality, being at a standstill on the summer solstice.

Since both planets are in the signs they rule Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius , the effect is even stronger. Whatever that part of your chart indicates will be subject to misunderstandings or missteps. Mercury dances around Mars this summer, hanging out very close to the red planet at both the summer solstice and at the July 2 Solar Eclipse New Moon.

Influences at a solstice or an eclipse last an extended period of time. Their blend promotes quick-thinking as well as speaking too hastily and will likely propel many people to drive too fast. There can be an aggressive side to speech with these two so close, along with jumping to conclusions. Caution is advised, along with slowing down.

venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology
venus march 6 astrology Venus march 6 astrology

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