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All you have to do is choose your birthday month and select the day you were born.

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What are you waiting for? Your personalized zodiac horoscope is just a click away! Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Try The Quiz Now!! Test Now! Benjamin 7. Jacob Olivia 2. Ava 3. Sophia 4. Isabella 5.

Mia 6. Charlotte 7. Abigail How popular is your name? Search to find out! Search your name: Girl: Boy:. Celebrities Birthdays: January 29th, Oprah Winfrey. Will their cosmic causes of death resemble those found in the charts of the 7 accident victims just reviewed? Born September 14, , her Virgo nature would incline her to wrestle with incessant perfectionism. The first natal chart indication that inclines towards an alcohol problem is the proximate distance between her natal Moon at 0-degrees Capricorn engendering dark and cynical moods and her Neptune at degrees 29 minutes Sagittarius.

In balanced charts, Mercury, the governor of our basic thought processes, would step up to act as a counterweight against heavy mood swings. She would block out helpful advice. This pairing reads metaphorically as poisons Pluto bringing harm or a serious life lesson. Saturn frequently acts as the arbiter of fate, itself. Neptune, as governor of the sign of Pisces suggests martyrs and martyrdom. It drew Amy towards self-destructive behaviors. Neptune, as natural ruler of the 12th house of self-undoing certainly coaxes persons to assume habits that work against their health… and best interests.

Next up: The legendary Janis Joplin. This era involved a good deal of drug use. Millions of young people were actively searching for new ways to live, think, and be. While Ms. And her Mercury at 9 degrees 28 minutes Aquarius formed a strong opposition to extremist Pluto, at 6 degrees Leo. The Sun-Mercury midpoint thus opposed Pluto; and this would incline a person to take everything to the absolute limit and likely court death by testing the fates. This would leverage the state of her health against potential exposures to poison.

The 12th house has a direct correlation to Pisces, the sign that closes the circle and thereby produces no discernible end point. Frequently they end up trapped in a vicious circle based upon substance abuse. Sometimes I get a clear clairvoyant read on a chart. During that prior incarnation she used drugs in order to converse with the spirit world.

Indeed, crossing this line was familiar to her soul. At the time of her lethal drug overdose, transit Mars was at degrees Virgo and squared her natal Mars at 24 degrees Sagittarius. Did Marilyn Monroe plan to kill herself, or did someone else cause her drug overdose? Her natal Mars found at 20 degrees 43 minutes Pisces fell into a wide conjunction with her Uranus at 28 degrees 59 minutes Pisces. Thus a death brought on by drugs--ingested consciously, through a sudden irrational impulse aimed at self-undoing, or delivered surreptitiously—makes perfect cosmic sense.

Lending Marilyn enormous glamour, Neptune Leo rose in her chart. But this Neptune also clouded her perceptions of the world and her place in it. Neptune is dreamy and it often seeks a means of escape from the cruel ways of the world. Her Natal Moon found at degrees Aquarius was widely conjoined to her Jupiter at 26 degrees, 49 minutes Aquarius.

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The combination would produce unrealistic emotional expectations and a domestic life that would prove anything but conventional. The Moon-Jupiter merger located in the 7th house makes perfect sense since this gorgeous star had an abundance of suitors and would-be marital partners.

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Marilyn truly sought an escape from this world, and Hollywood films were one way to temporarily satisfy this incessant urge. On the day of her death, August 5, , transit Mercury reached degrees of Leo to oppose her natal Moon at degrees of Aquarius. Plus the Sun was in her 12th house of self-undoing.

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Jupiter was also transiting her 8th house. Probably the most compelling planetary case for death came from Pluto at 9 degrees of Virgo beginning a square that would be sustained for 2 years to her degree Gemini Sun.

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With the voice of a seductive angel, Ms. Houston had all the fame any Leo stardom seeker could possess! Here again, the soul searched, perhaps unconsciously, for the ultimate escape. Not recognizing this urge as a death-wish, it probably felt more like an urge to merge with the numinous, our Divine Source. Typically, this influence demarcates distance from the father. Deep inside, regardless of her wealth, fame, and talent, she felt that life was essentially a prison: that she was trapped.

This perception may not have been fully conscious.

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Her Aries Moon at 17 degrees Aries was conjunct Jupiter at 19 degrees, 28 minutes Aries which led to popularity and a huge audience. But the levity promised by this Moon-Jupiter link was offset by the fact that this dynamic duo squared her lunar nodes. Our next fatal femme is Judy Garland born on June 10, Garland had no sinister planet actually no planet at all in her 8th house. These two planets were placed in her 6th house of mental and physical health.

This Sun position operates somewhat akin to a natal Sun Pisces, and that explains Ms.

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This month's and next month's free monthly horoscopes including monthly Sagittarius love, romance and relationship astrology reveal Sag luck, Sag monthly career, business, work and life in general. However, in love, Neptune gives a great advantage: it is the best guaranty of honesty and of long-term commitment. Jupiter will move over her Sun and Mercury.

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Based on Aries astrology predictions by date of birth, people born under Aries zodiac sign likes harmony and peace as they had in The time for one of the most major planetary phenomenon, an astrological event, which may drastically change the course of our lives, is nearing. Indeed, horoscopes based only on solar signs have nothing to do with serious astrology. The SUV now. Find out what today's Astrology will mean for Sagittarius every day from Tarot.

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Saturn transit in sagittarius effects 1. It is true that this planet increases the risk of loneliness, in the same way in which it can make everything become too overwhelming. What is the future for Today? Is this my lucky day? This is both the Moon's first visit since Uranus' retrograde turn here and since Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion returned to an adventurous part of your chart. All today's birthday numerology reports based on the Chaldean method and another birthday predictions based on western astrology and Vedic astrology.

Bringing the astrology to life, we look at the month that's gone, discuss the star sign of the moment and reflect on the coming month's astrology and what it means for. The Sagittarius man loves food and has difficulties in removing fats, sugar, and alcohol from his diet. Marriage and even consensual free union can be pursued with chances of success. There can be many ideas today, dear Gemini, but little organization with Mercury square to Uranus.

february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland
february 2020 horoscope diana garland February 2020 horoscope diana garland

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