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Was Napoleon's meteoric rise and fall due to his astrological sign? After all, Leos are considered the royal leaders of the zodiac - with the sun as their ruler it would make sense they expect others to orbit around them.

It doesn't hurt that they are bold and courageous, as well as ambitious and confident. But Leos can also be possessive and dominating. No wonder Napoleon tried to conquer Europe. Birthplace: Ajaccio, France. History's most famous genocidal maniac was born on April 20, He masterminded the mass murder of 6 million Jews and the deaths of millions more. Should we blame Hitler's zodiac sign? While Taurus might have given us someone as inspiring as da Vinci, Hitler paints the sign in a pretty bleak light.

Which means the union of 9th and 11th lord is happening in the 10th house. Saturn which is karaka of masses and administration is also aspecting his 10th house. Here also Sun and Saturn are affecting Barack Obama 10th house which proves the role of Sun and Saturn in the success of a politician. This yoga allowed him to enjoy success at the highest level of politics.

Here again, Saturn is placed in his 10th house showing his good administration skills. Also, there is a great rajyoga happening in his 5th house where the lord of 5th house Jupiter is in union with Mercury lord of 2nd and 11th , Sun lord of ascendant and yogakaraka Mars. Actually, when I started writing this article I kept his Horoscope to guide me. You can see Neechbhanga Rajyoga in ascendant, Saturn in 10th house with 7th house lord Venus and a very strong 11th house where 10th house lord Sun and Mercury is placed in its own sign.

You can read his full horoscope here. Her 3rd and 6th house are also strong due to Jupiter in own sign in 3rd house and aspect of Sun and Mars over her sixth house.

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His horoscope shows a strong ascendant due to the placement of 5th lord Venus in it. Here also the 10th house is occupied by planet Saturn and a strong 11th house is clearly evident which contains Mars in own sign along with 9th house lord Mercury. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state. His horoscope his filled with planetary alignments which made him a dictator, Ruchaka Yoga is in 10th house which shows a career in Army.

The 11th house is also very strong due to the placement of 7th house lord Sun, 5th house lord Mercury and 9th house lord Venus. He also has Vipreet Rajyoga in 8th house which helped him to take advantage of crises which further made his positions strong as a ruler.

Out of all example horoscopes of Politicians, horoscope no. As you can see from example horoscopes that Saturn is connected to the 10th house in most of them and at the beginning itself I mentioned this point to you.

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Saturn is the lawmaker and gives perseverance which is very essential to success as a Politician. Whereas strong ascendant and 11th house allows favor from masses and gives superior support from followers which is very crucial for attaining a powerful position in Politics. And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future.

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Which 2020 Candidate Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

April 22, Abraham Lincoln Horoscope. Barack Obama Birth Chart.

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Richard Nixon Horoscope. Narendra Modi Horoscope. Margaret Thatcher Horoscope. Ahead, find out what the presidential candidates' astrological signs reveal about them — and which one is your Zodiac buddy. Women in the U. Remember that all-women space walk that was supposed to happen in March?

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Well, after several months, a sketch on Saturday Night Live, and a swift scolding. Cheryl Horner McDonough wanted to make a different type of documentary about Parkland. Not one about the tragedy that transpired at Marjory Stoneman Dougla.

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world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology
world leaders using astrology World leaders using astrology

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